Knives and Razors


This series of scaled tanged blades may have been used as razors or knives, and are very commonly found on Roman sites of the first and early second century. The examples below are copied from finds found on the Lanes Excavations (McCarthy, 1991, p 31).

The Blades are forged to shape, then ground, the D loop cut and filed, and then tempered. The bone handles are hand cut and polished to any design of your choosing, and riveted into position. The blades can be supplied to your required level of sharpness (or blunts for public display) and a sheath can be produced on request at additional cost. Particular blade shapes can be requested, but it must be noted that the nature of the process means that small variations can and will occur.

We are currently working on copies of the Vindolanda and Carlisle Millennium examples, so please drop us an email for details.

(McCarthy M, 1991, Roman Waterlogged Remains at Castle Street, Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society Research Series Number 5, Stroud)

£35 pounds each

Please drop us an email to to discuss your requirements and see our About page for details of payments and delivery.

Proof of age will be required












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