Belts and Belt fittings

Copper-Alloy Sheet Belt Fittings

We are able to make a range of Belts and belt fittings in Copper-alloy, tinned copper-alloy, and pewter, and can sculpt originals to be cast in pewter or bronze. Currently we are working on these on a commission basis, and have completed a number of commissions of the tinned copper-alloy sheet metal belt fittings from the Cumwhitton site. The site was published in 2014 with myself as one of the principal authors so I am very familiar with the originals, and associated parallels.

CumwhittonThe Cumwhitton fittings are made of cast brass loops and brass sheet, which is tinned and decorated with incised lines and ring-and-dot, the plates and strap ends are riveted together with brass boss capped rivets. There are many examples made using similar decorative schemes and/or techniques from Carlisle, the Isle of Man, Dublin, York, and Scotland, including burials at Kneep and the recently excavated Grave at Auldhame. These can be made as separate fittings, or attached to a veg tanned cow hide leather belt.


Prices will depend on which decorative scheme you require and whether you want it assembling on a belt, but the price for the ring-and-dot examples, with a D-loop buckle and pewter strap on assembled on a belt tends to work out around £75 plus P+P.

Please bear in mind our work is a museum grade replica: no chrome tanned brown leather, no badly cast brasses, all the strap ends are sculpted by myself from the originals.


Bone Belt Fittings

There are many examples of bone buckles and strap ends, which were probably very common but due to the rarity of its survival are picked up less frequently that their metal counter parts. Two examples from York had been dyed Green and Black, and it can be dyed a variety of colours.


Prices will depend on the complexity of the design and finish required, but the above  example of a complete belt would cost around £60 + P+P

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