Bone Dice

Bone Dice

These Bone Dice are copied from some examples from South Shields Roman fort, though these dice have been found from all over the Roman world, and indeed many other periods too!

As you can see, some of them come out not quite square depending on the piece of bone used, and it may be this adds to the uncertainty of the gambling which undoubtedly took place with these objects, but if you would prefer square dice please just let us know as we can look for a suitable piece of bone for you.

(Allason-Jones L and Miket R, 1984, The Catologue of small finds from South Shields Roman Fort, The Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle upon Tyne Monograph Series No.2, Gloucester.)

£10 each

Please drop us an email to to discuss your requirements and see our About page for details of payments and delivery

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