Blueaxe Reproductions produce affordable, high quality replicas of historical artefacts from a variety of periods. We prefer to work on commissions directly from the you; the customer, as this gives us a new challenge and means you get exactly what you want! We work in a variety of materials, and are always happy to discuss your needs and requirements.

Contact Us

You can get in touch with us by email at blueaxereproductions (at symbol) gmail (dot) com, if you replace the words in brackets with the appropriate symbol and ensure the address has no spaces in it.


Our prefered method of payment is via bank transfer or cheque (we will require the cheque to clear before posting any orders). Cash is also be accepted, but any postal losses are at the risk of the sender. We are working on getting paypal details established, so please drop us an email if this is your only option, and we will do our best to facilitate you; it is also worth noting it is possible to pay by credit card through paypal without an account.


All packing and postage iskept to a minimum, mostly because we hate being ripped off for it more than absolutely nessecary. As a result we cost each order as it is recieved, as the packing required, and the weight will vary higely from order to order. We will let your know as part of our ordering process how much it is going to be, and if we do excessively overestimate, we will refund the difference.


We take all orders via emails to blueaxereproductions(at)gmail(dot)com, so please just let us know what it is you want or need! Please feel free to discuss your ideas or plans with us, under no obligation to take the enquiry further. We would be happy to hear your ideas, or needs, and advise accordingly. Some items may have a production time, though we are usually very prompt with our orders.

Part of the pleasure with producing replicas is hearing about other people’s projects, and we may be able to advise you on ways you can proceed, whether that is with or without us, so by all means get in touch!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!


4 thoughts on “Ordering

  1. Hi,
    I am teaching latin and ancien greek in France and I love what you make, espacially with bone ! I would like to get a roman spoon, but I would use it, eating with my pupils , so it must be big and hollow enough to eat soup !!! I like the dices and the pins too (for my long roman hair). And of course I can pay with Paypal. What do you think about all that ?

  2. Dear Adam
    I wish to commission some reproduction artefacts for a nationally important site in London – for display and public engagement. Could you email me to discuss please? I have filled in your details section below.

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